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We carry out walking tour to feel the “chic” 粋(Iki)of Tokyo

Tokyo is a melting pot city filled with diverse cultures and personalities.  There are many inspirations just to take a walk. However, why not enjoy the charm of Tokyo more deeply?  Experience one of Tokyo’s leading night spots, interact with people at a unique bar in a small historic restaurant, taste old-fashioned soul food at a long-established restaurant, and enjoy walking around the international city of Tokyo.  STIJ, Inc. holds a 2-3 hour walking tour at any time, where national government licensed guide interpreter guides you through the attractive Tokyo area.  In addition to introducing the history and culture of the city, we will guide you to deep spots that are difficult for a traveler to go alone.

The Yamanote area is also recommended for those who want to see the calm scenery of Tokyo.  Unique shops are scattered throughout the residential area, and you can enjoy walking around the city from the perspective of the people who live there.  There is also a tour of the temples dedicated to the Seven Lucky Gods, and you should be able to experience a fresh experience.

STIJ, Inc.
We hold walking tours with the theme of “Iki”, mainly in the Tokyo area.  A guide who is qualified as a licensed guide will convey the charm of the area.





多様な文化と個性が詰まったメルティング・ポットな街、東京。散策するだけでもたくさんの刺激がありますが、もっと深く、東京の魅力を味わってみませんか? 都内有数のナイトスポットを体験したり、歴史ある小さな飲食街の個性的なバーで人々と触れ合い、老舗のレストランで昔ながらのソウルフードを味わったり、国際色豊かな東京ローカルの街歩きなど、楽しみ方はさまざまです。(株)住吉・豊田通訳総合事務所では、全国通訳案内士の資格を持つガイドが魅力的な東京エリアをご案内する2〜3時間のウォーキングツアーを随時開催。都市の歴史や文化をご紹介するとともに、旅行者が1人ではなかなか行けないディープスポットにご案内します。