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STIJ Japan

  • We have conducted various tours and events that utilize our perspective as professional guides.

    In particular, we have planned and introduced night contents so that many foreign tourists visiting Japan can enjoy the city with peace of mind, taking up the deep charm of the city that is difficult to handle elsewhere.

    We offer a wide range of tours, from private night cruising where you can enjoy the stimulating Tokyo night with peace of mind, to tours where you can experience one hundred views of Tokyo through local food and cultural heritage tours. Also won TripAdvisor award for 2021.

    Professional guides have the difficulty of requiring a high level of knowledge in all fields. Not just communication skills, a wide range of knowledge is required, including history, tradition, culture, geography and trivia. In order to be able to correctly understand and respond appropriately, we only guide experienced experts with specialized degrees.

    What we can do. What only we can do.

    We will continue to do our best to convey the charm of TOKYO.

  • As the national government licensed guide-interpreters, we have met people from all over the world.  Based on our experience as a professional guide, we would like people all over the world to know the fun of walking around town, where you can naturally experience the history and culture of the region.

    We have prepared a variety of courses that allow you to feel the atmosphere of the city so that you can enjoy the old and new-fashioned of Tokyo.

    A walking tour can be said to be a tour style that allows anyone to experience the joy and fun of traveling.

  • We will coordinate small tourism that delves into the fun of the city and collaborates with other businesses for new tourism.

    hrough localization that connects tourism businesses and companies, we propose new styles of tourism that take advantage of local characteristics and communicate the appeal of the region.

    Currently, we are distributing a town walking map with valuable information free of charge to customers using the Shinjuku Prince Hotel.

  • In the promotion sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we introduced to invite a night mayor from the Netherlands, a country known for tourism to hold a discussion event collaboration with a local government. In addition, a cultural experience where you can experience Tokyo, and a walking tour to make you fun.

    We will continue to make various efforts so that we can enjoy Tokyo even more.